Daniil Medvedev Russian Tennis Player Can’t Compete in Wimbledon Unless he Condemns Putin


Russia was banned from all international team competitions due to the conflict in Ukraine. However, the ban has now been extended to individual Russian players.

U.S. Open tennis champion Daniil Medvedev won’t be able to compete at Wimbledon in England this June unless he “assures” that he does not support Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

Jim Treacher. Putin is known for imposing loyalty oaths on people. It’s not good for Putin to do it. But, it is good for me to see it done when he opposes him. You people are acting like the man you want to stop ?….

These questions require at least half of a brain. This leaves out many people involved in cancel culture.

Medvedev, one of the best players in the world, will not display any national insignia throughout the tournament. He will be the sole winner of any glory — even if war wasn’t making people more like the ones they oppose.

Medvedev and the lesser-known Russian athletes must also consider other factors. His family is in grave danger if an athlete speaks out for Putin.

Hot Air: Most of us can stand up and publicly denigrate Putin. It is unlikely that the KGB will show up at our houses and take us away for the night. What happens to Medvedev, the other Russian and Belarusian players, if they do this? They will still need to return home one day. One of the tournament’s highest-ranked players could have to choose between missing what is undoubtedly the most important tournament in his sport, or going home and signing his death sentence.

Peng Shuai, a tennis star, was subject to the same repressive Chinese government. This is a good example of what we are talking about. She spoke out against sexual assault in her sport, and then she “disappeared” for some time before returning to give an evidently scripted speech about how everything was a huge misunderstanding and that nobody in China had ever done any wrong.

Tyrants and authoritarians are able to find weaknesses in their opponents, then apply pressure to make them follow their lead.

It is sickening to see so-called “free countries” do the same thing.