Counter Protesters Burn Trump Flags, Attack Trump Supporters At Million MAGA March

Counter-protesters against the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C. set fire to Trump flags, hats and pro-police paraphernalia Saturday evening.

Thousands of President Donald Trump’s backers flocked to D.C. to support the president despite his dwindling chances of remaining in the White House in January. The protests remained peaceful throughout Saturday morning and afternoon, though Trump supporters and counter-protesters got into frequent shouting matches.

Some counter-protesters also set fire to MAGA hats, Back the Blue flags, and various other conservative symbols.

Counter protesters also threw fireworks at Trump supporters dining in D.C., according to Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott.

Harrowing footage also emerged Saturday night showing a young pro-Trump couple pushing through a crowd of harassing counter-protesters who threw eggs and other unidentified liquids at the pair.

Trump’s supporters ended the evening by chanting “USA” at the Washington Monument. There did not appear to be a large number of counter-protesters present at the time.

There did not appear to be widespread violence or destruction of property by either side throughout Saturday, though there were many isolated instances of violence between individuals who started shouting matches.

Trump also made a surprise drive-by visit to the demonstration Saturday morning before heading to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

Trump and his campaign have filed numerous lawsuits in an attempt to overturn the results, though most are now defunct. Lawsuits were thrown out in Georgia, Michigan and Nevada. The campaign withdrew a lawsuit in Arizona and has one remaining in Pennsylvania.

Former Vice President Joe Biden holds strong leads in all the states he needs to reach 306 electoral votes.

Author: Anders Hagstrom

Source: Daily Caller: WATCH: Counter-Protesters Burn Trump Flags, Attack Trump Supporters At ‘Million MAGA March’

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