Could The American Trucker Convoy Be A Bad Idea?


Some readers might not agree with my opinions at times. But, that doesn’t make me a bad author. If you don’t agree with my opinion we can circle around and get back on track in the next article.

I believe that it is an awful idea that a convoy of American truckers headed towards Washington, D.C. to disrupt Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

Yes, I do. But, please, listen.

I supported the Freedom Convoy to Canada and think that PM Justin Trudeau was authoritarian in his crackdown.

Freedom Convoy’s determination to eliminate federal mandates for vaccine truckers is what makes it so unique.

Why is there a trucker protest in America? The goal of the American trucker protest is to draw attention to CNN and bait police enforcement.

I don’t believe the American trucker convoy is as clean and tidy as I would like. They are free to disapprove of me, regardless of my opinion.

Instead of addressing the issue because it is politically stupid, I am addressing it.

Joe Biden is more than a ropesman. Russia is advancing in Ukraine’s invasion, which could cause more problems at home as well as abroad. It’s possible it will get worse.

Biden hopes for a political event that will reignite their right-wing domestic terror trope.

That’s why I believe that the American Trucker Convoy is a terrible idea because it will make the lefts look bad and help Joe Biden. If Biden’s federal vaccine mandate hadn’t been struck down by the Supreme Court, I’d be on board with an American trucker convoy. But right now, it doesn’t make sense and is handing fodder to a Democrat Party already in full-scale collapse. Let them burn.