Could Omicron Signal the End of COVID?

By Sarah Taylor October 28, 2021 | Image Source: The Blaze

Could the rapid spread and acceptance of the omicron version signal the end of COVID-19?

According to Summit News, this is what South Africa’s largest healthcare CEO hopes for. Omicron is so mild that “we are not seeing…significant rises in hospital admissions.”

Richard Friedland is the head honcho at Netcare Ltd. He also stated, “I think there’s a silver lining and this may signal that COVID-19 will be ending.”

He reminded people that this is what happened to the Spanish flu in a Wednesday statement.

Angelique Coetzee (South African doctor) used the term “mild”. She was the first to recognize the new variant. She said that people she treated with omicron experienced symptoms that were “so different” and milder than those she had previously treated.

According to a summary from News24, nearly all Netcare patients had mild to moderate flu-like symptoms. These included a runny nose, headache, and scratchy throat.

November 23 was the first day of Omicron waves in South Africa. It is now predominant – 75%. We should have seen an increase in deaths if it were more dangerous. We haven’t. They are still falling. They are mostly showing mild symptoms. This is GOOD NEWS.

The end of COVID-19 would be triggered if the less contagious, but more mildly virulent omicron is dominant globally. This seems to have happened in South Africa. Your system will usually be stronger against all variants if you build immunity through vaccination and/or infection.

Celebrity medical spokesperson Anthony Fauci, America‚Äôs top source for COVID-19 panic-mongering, had to admit that preliminary data on omicron are ” encouraging.”

Fauci stated, “It’s too early for me to make any final statements about it.” However, “it doesn’t seem like it has a great deal of severity to it.”

Fauci’s admission is similar to your pastor approving “a little premarital honky-panky,” because what the heck?

Omicron could be a safe cover for Presidentish Joe Biden, who might then abandon his illegal vaccination mandates.

Although it would be good for the country’s social fabric to get the president to stop violating the law, I think that any political win for Biden is bad in nearly every other way.

Keep your chin up and enjoy this potentially good news about Omicron. But, don’t forget to keep NyQuil handy.