CNN Needs to Check Their Facts Before Defending KBJ, Saying She Didn’t Call Anyone A War Criminal


CNN might have failed to do the best job in a week of ignorant media about Ketanji. Journalists make a mockery out of Republican senators asking questions about Justice Jackson’s past work, calling it hateful racism.  Asking for clarifications about past rulings seems more offensive than accusing someone drunkenly of rape.

It is amazing how busy fact-checking outlets have become this week’s leading example of media bias. This is not about checking KBJ’s record but verifying questions from GOP senators. and only have a handful of entries from this hearing.

Daniel Dale is a CNN reporter who jumps into the fray with another GOP question which received the Zapruder treatment. Dale raises an issue about grain rice that could be used against Senator Harry Reid.

It isn’t an easy task but we can help you. Graham started the story by describing Jackson’s time as a federal public defense attorney at Guantanamo. Brown said that plaintiffs were tortured, and kept in inhumane circumstances.

John Cornyn joined Graham to question Jackson. Graham asked Graham why he called George W. Bush, Secretary for Defense Rumsfeld, a war crime in prosecuting terrorists. Daniel Dale was too overwhelmed by this and expected lots of nuance and shading. Graham and Cornyn omitted critical context. Jackson did not mention Jackson’s claim about war crimes being about torture.

Aha. This language can be found in the SIXTH CLAIM TO RELIEF court filing: The Respondents’ orders to confirm, ratify, and/or conspire in torture and other inhumane treatment for Petitioner Alsawam were war crime and/or crimes against mankind in violation of the Alien Tort Statute law at 28 U.S.C. Section 1350 ). These acts violated the Fourth Geneva Convention, Common Article III, and the Geneva Conventions Additional Protocols I-I and 13.

DONALD RUMSFELD and GEORGE were charged to assist Mr. Dale. W.BUSH. ARMY COL. Mike BUMGARNER, GEN. Jay Hood was charged with aiding Mr. Dale. But Daniel Dale doesn’t call them ‘war criminals’.

These are the most technical technicalities. Dale writes. Jackson, her colleague, and others pointed out in the filings of respondents how respondents’ actions were covered by the actions “respondents agent/ employees”. In an email, a White House official stated Tuesday that Jackson had never filed habeas petitions against President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld for war crimes.

They were not being cited despite their names appearing in habeas petitions.

You could have stated, “She wrote war crimes court documents, but never SAID anybody was a war criminal.” “This is the only way to improve it. Jeff Charles’ column about GOP senators being charged with racism because they directly refer to court documents supporting their case.