CDC Recommends Horse Dewormer Ivermectin For Refugees, Where’s The Outrage

By Stacey Lennox September 05, 2021 | Image Source: PJ Media

Earlier this week, comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan told his followers that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on August 26. By the time he posted the video three days later, he was feeling much better. The media had a field day framing Rogan as anti-vaccine because of earlier comments he made that questioned the need for young, healthy people to get vaccinated.

What sent them entirely over the edge was Rogan stating that he took ivermectin in addition to several other medications. The media and a bunch of Twitter blue checks decried his use of a “horse dewormer.”

Screenshot via CNN

NPR, funded by you, went with “deworming drug for cows”:

These geniuses, including the execrable Dr. Leana Wen on CNN, might want to take note of the CDC’s “Overseas Refugee Healthcare Guidance.” This chart outlines presumptive care for parasite treatment:

Image via CDC

The media is telling a partial truth to try and scare people out of using ivermectin during the early treatment of COVID-19. If you wonder what the corporate media’s vested interest is, think about how many pharmaceutical commercials you see while watching cable news. They are not disinterested observers.

Author: Stacey Lennox

Source: PJ Media: CDC Recommends ‘Horse Dewormer’ Ivermectin for Refugees. So Where’s the Media Outrage?