Black Woman Goes Off On White ‘Black Lives Matter’ Supporter At #WalkAway Rally

By Amanda Prestigiacomo August 12, 2020 | Image Source: Daily Wire

Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators from the #WalkAway movement marched from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills, California, over the weekend to show support for President Donald Trump and law enforcement.

The movement is comprised of former Democrats who have “walked away” from the party, though some argue it was the party that left them. #WalkAway members encourage other free-thinking liberals to leave the party, too.

During the rally, #WalkAway supporter Shameka Michelle, who is black, encountered a white male counter-protester supporting the far-Left “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Michelle told the BLM supporter that she does not need him to use his so-called “privilege” to validate that her life matters and went on to rip the organization for not elevating black men and fathers while also turning a blind eye to disproportionate abortion in the black community.

“I don’t need you to tell me my life matters,” Michelle tells the BLM supporter. “I don’t need your privilege to tell me or to justify who I am in America. This is my country. This is my land. My ancestors built this country, so I’m gonna walk around here as bold as I want to.”

“And I don’t have to have you to cosign and tell me my life matters,” she continued. “That right there insinuates that your voice is bigger and better than mine.”

“You are supporting an organization that does not like black men,” Michelle claimed. “And as a black woman, I can tell you how important black men are to the black family; without them we are nothing. So when you support and organization that doesn’t push them up the way we need them to be, you ain’t s***.”

The #WalkAway member also said that the official site for BLM does not mention the abortion of black babies, nor does it “talk about fathers.”

“We kill more black babies than are born every year,” Michelle said. “You said ‘Black Lives Matter’; what about black lives in the womb? They don’t matter? They don’t matter? So how are you pushing an organization that doesn’t care?”

“They don’t talk about fathers,” the activist added.

According to the “What We Believe” page for BLM, the group advocates for the national defunding of police and pushes the disruption of the nuclear family.

“We’re doing these rallies because we wanted to show the radical left who’s been smashing windows, committing acts of violence, committing acts of vandalism they do not own America’s streets,” #WalkAway founder Brandon Starka said on Saturday, according to The Blaze. “We’re going to fight for the heart and soul of America, so this is our third one. Next week we’ll be in Milwaukee and we’ll basically be doing ‘Rescue America’ rallies around the country for now through the end of the year.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Michelle was one of the speakers at the event; other speakers included musicians and vocal Trump supporters Joy Villa and Ricky Rebel, actors Scott Baio and Lorenzo Lamas, and politicos Brandon Straka, Mike Harlow, Blaire White, and Karlyn Borysenko.

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Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: WATCH: Black Woman Goes Off On White ‘Black Lives Matter’ Supporter At #WalkAway Rally