Black Lives Matter Has Only Made Country Worse

By Staff Writer July 20, 2020 | Image Source: Bucksexton

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Friday that the upheaval in the country brought to you by the Black Lives Matter protests have done nothing but destabilize, weaken and drive a wedge between races in the country and if it continues it may cause irreparable harm.

Like most movements that start with a sincere goal, Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by antifa anarchists and the Democrat Party. After weeks and weeks of violent protests and cities like Seattle and Portland literally being taken under siege, the only palpable results are a few empty statue pedestals, ravaged cities and a historic surge in violence in major cities.

“BLM has made everything worse for everyone in the last two and a half months or so,” Sexton said. “Nothing has improved. Nothing is better. And increasingly, we have to look to who should be held responsible for this. And I would argue that the Democrat Party, Joe Biden and the mainstream media are to blame.”

Sexton pointed out that even adherents of the BLM movement are very specific about what black lives actually matter to the movement. It is not the 12 people killed each weekend in Chicago alone due to gun violence, they are only concerned about the black individuals killed during interactions with police.

Sexton said the term “racist” is being tossed around by “smarmy beta male white liberals” at places like MSNBC in an attempt to silence anyone with the backbone to examine the BLM mission statement. He said it is the height of irony that liberal pundits making millions a year, living in expensive neighborhoods and sending their children to $50,000-per-year private schools are the ones talking about the changes needed in society.

“They’re frauds,” Sexton said. “And they’re cowards and they’re hurting the very communities that they pretend to help.” And they are—right now—waiting for the next video that could show a police officer using excessive force just so they can start the process all over again.

But the Black Lives Matter movement will continue because it is now sponsored by major corporations doing their best to avoid the cancel culture pandemic and benefit from the political cover from politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who blamed the dramatic increase in crime in New York City to hungry citizens stealing bread to eat.

Sexton said the new orthodoxy is now in place and “we’re supposed to just accept it.”

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Bucksexton: Black Lives Matter Has Only Made Country Worse