Black Community Leaders Call On NYPD To Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit After Gun Violence Skyrockets

By Rich Welsh July 15, 2020 | Image Source: DJ HJ Media

More gun violence this past weekend in New York City, this time involving the death of a 1-year-old boy, two members of the Black community called on the NYPD to bring back the Anti-Crime Unit to help get guns off the street. Bill de Blasio, the worst mayor in New York City history, recently disbanded the extremely effective crime stopping unit.

On Monday, former police officer and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams held up a pair of baby shoes after a 1-year-old, in a dramatic more to drive home that this baby boy became the latest victim of gun violence, caught within the crossfire at a family barbecue just hours before.

“Babies are not supposed to be wearing these in a coffin,” Adams said.

Adams, was the second prominent member of the black community to call on the police department to bring back the Anti-Crime Unit to help end the gun violence, the unit being undercover cops whose job was to get guns off the street.

“I think that a total elimination is something we need to reevaluate,” said Adams. “Right now, bad guys are saying if you don’t see a blue and white you can do whatever you want.”

Tony Herbert, a community activist agreed with Adams’ assessment.

“The guns keep going off and now we have a 1-year-old and the blood is on the hands of the mayor and the state Legislature,” said Herbert.

Mayor Bill de Blasio decried the shootings.

“This is not anything we can allow in our city. It is heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking for so many reasons and begins with the fact that there are just so many guns out there and that is a New York tragedy,” de Blasio said.

The problem was caused by de Blasio’s incompetence as a mayor, not the number of guns on the street. He bowed to the radical Marxist in BLM and disbanded the undercover crime unit, one of the most effective police squads to control crime in the streets of NYC.

America’s worst mayor tried to blame the murders on guns instead of accepting culpability for his enabling the rise in violent crimes by caving to radicals.

Even after his blatant attempt at deflection, de Blasio didn’t offer any solutions for the gun violence problem. Shootings went up 277 percent compared to the same week last year, at 49 to 13 in 2019. The number of victims rose 253 percent with 60 this week compared to 17 from the same week last year.

Former police officer Joe Giaclone, now a John Jay College professor, said that the city has been destroying the police’s ability to get guns off the streets of New York City for years now with the disbanding of the Anti Crime Unit being the latest bad decision by city officials.

“The gun police are no longer out there,” said Giaclone. “The criminals are opportunists. You know that.”

Author: Rich Welsh

Source: DJ HJ Media: Black Community Leaders Call On NYPD To Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit After Gun Violence Skyrockets