Biden’s Supply Chain Shortage Hits the Baby Formula Market


Joe Biden’s supply shortage has stuck in odd places. But now, the “odd”, which is American parents finding themselves with a shortage of baby formula, has become downright frightening.

Fox News reported that baby formula inventories were down 31% as of April 1. Supply chain problems and recalls are two factors that lead to the shortage. After reports that infants had contracted bacterial infections from the formula, Abbott Nutrition, a major manufacturer of formulas, voluntarily recall their Similac and EleCare brands. Two infants were killed. Two infants died. The company continues to struggle to bring production rates back to normal. This harsh reality is evident on the shelves.

The specialty formulas, which many parents use to replace breast milk in their infants with special conditions, seem to be the most affected segment of the formula market.

Bethany Mandel reports for The Deseret News and calls the issue a “five-alarm fire.” She says one mother in Brooklyn had to go through a frightening, frantic search for special formula recently for her baby, who has an airway disorder.

When she arrived at Target, the shelves of baby formula were almost empty. She couldn’t find the nipple that she needed at Target.

“None of the five other stores or online shops, except Amazon, had them, and it would take at least a week for them to get there,” she said. She said that we were fortunate to find one last set at the grocery store.

She continued, “Late one evening, we ran out on his formula, and went to the shop to get more, only to discover that they didn’t have any left.” He didn’t know when more would be available, so I asked him. He stated that the suppliers were not reliable. “We searched two more stores until we found the formula that we were looking for.”

Mandel talked to several people who shared similar stories. Mandel met with a man who had FedEx his niece’s formula as she couldn’t find it on Boston shelves. Mandel also spoke to a woman who didn’t want to give her name, because she felt she was being forced to “hoard,” formulas that she could find at large box stores like Costco.

Boston’s NPR affiliate interviewed one pediatrician about how he receives more calls from worried parents asking for formula recommendations.

Boston Medical Center pediatrician Dr. Jack Maypole said that during the peak recall period in February and March his office received hundreds of inquiries per day about the shortage and where the formula could be found. This is compared to the few inquiries he received one week prior.

Maypole stated that he has witnessed past shortages in baby supplies, from formula to diapers and medical equipment, but this one has been particularly severe.

Maypole stated, “It’s never ever been at the magnitude and the scale that it’s now,” adding that the shortage particularly affects medically fragile children.

He said, “Those families can be at sea and actually, be somewhat desperate to reestablish nutrition support for them.” “Those are the ones that I worry about.”

Maypole advises parents to not dilute formulas or use cow’s dairy milk. However, Maypole suggests that parents consult their doctor if they require alternative nutrition.

That’s the scary part. The United States of America is the most wealthy and prosperous country on the planet. We can’t count on being able to walk into a grocery store and find the right nutrition for our children. Mandel is correct, it is a five-alarm emergency. But the Biden administration continues spinning, and outright lying about the current economic state.

Recently, we spoke with a man who had to travel 78 miles to get baby formula. However, we no longer have to see those nasty tweets anymore, am I right? I would rather see mean tweets all day every day than see any of the shit we have going on in America right now. Honestly, parents can’t even find baby formula. Wake up and smell the roses, if you haven’t already.