Biden’s Joint Session Mask Fetish Party Was Totally Creepy

By Stephen Kruiser April 30, 2021 | Image Source: PJ Media

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I occasionally play blues guitar under the name Onion Sweats Jones.

I love Thursdays because my friends VodkaPundit, Bryan Preston, and I do our weekly live video chat with our VIP Gold subscribers. We did one a year ago as just something to do for our VIPs during the plague. We had so much fun we wanted to do them every week. At least for a few months. Here we are a year later and our one hour a week is now three hours and it’s called “5 O’Clock Somewhere.” No matter how weird the week has been, this is a highlight. We have a great group there. We swap recipes. We laugh, we cry, it becomes a part of us.

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Yeah, that was a pitch (sign up here if you’re not yet a VIP member) but that’s not why I lead with it. I really just wanted to brag about the group.

And avoid getting around to having to pay attention to the topic at hand.

Not only do we have the best readers here, I have the best colleagues. Whenever one of these train-wreck political dog-and-pony shows is on television I can count on them watching and writing about it so thoroughly that I don’t have to.

Once again, Stephen Green took one on the liver for us and did one of his now-famous VodkaPundit DrunkBlogs. Here was my favorite quote of his last night:

All this is missing is a promise that Chris Reeves will walk again.

Trust me, if you didn’t watch the speech but want the gist, check out Stephen’s play-by-play.

At the end of these things, Tyler usually does a nice succinct recap, highlighting the, um, lowlights in this case.

I was actually going to try and watch this speech. Let’s be honest, Ol’ Gropes probably won’t be giving many of these joint session addresses so I thought I could make it through one.

Here’s how far I got:

Yeah, I know one of those hashtags is immature, but we all have our coping mechanisms.

After Biden said his hellos to everyone, that line was about ninety seconds into the speech.

As I tweeted, I don’t have the patience for this nonsense that January 6, 2021, was a day in American history parallel in importance to December 7, 1941, or September 11, 2001. It’s insane. There was no insurrection that day. Democracy wasn’t threatened. The drunk guy in the Viking helmet (yeah, yeah, I got the email about it not really being a Viking helmet) wasn’t at any time going to overthrow the United States government.

I would implore the Democrats to stop lying but it’s a pathological problem with them.

Tyler has more on this steaming pile of horse dung that our alleged president offered up.

This January 6 lie is just about demonizing and marginalizing Trump supporters who won’t play along with Comrade Joe’s New World Order.

We’ve spent the two decades since 9/11 pretending that Jihadist extremists aren’t really the problem. It’s “Islamophobia” if you acknowledge the pattern and call the terrorists, you know, terrorists.

But because of a handful of rioters, the Democrats now want us to believe that there is a terrorist threat posed by everyone who ever attended a MAGA rally.

Just stop.

Also, the mask virtue-signaling in a room full of socially-distanced people who are all vaccinated was pathetic. It was also proof that the big -dea, big-government Dems know that they really have nothing going on and they have to keep the public distracted by the COVID panic porn.

The empty-vessel president and his flaccid commie agenda aren’t as popular as the media will tell you they are. People who have read history books are always going to be the flies in their ointment.

I will continue to resist and, no matter how many times they call me one, I will never be a terrorist.

I may get a Viking helmet though.


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Author: Stephen Kruiser

Source: PJ Media: The Morning Briefing: Biden’s Joint Session Masked Fetish Party Was Totally Creepy