Biden’s Energy Secretary Makes Stunning Admission About Pipelines

By Matt Margolis May 13, 2021 | Image Source: PJ Media

On his first day in office, Joe Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, and all the energy and jobs it would provide, claiming it didn’t serve the “national interest.”

But on Tuesday afternoon, Biden’s own energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, made the stunning admission that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil.

“Can you tell us what is the feasibility of using rail cars to transport fuel into the affected areas?” asked a reporter. “I know that’s being looked at.”

“The [Department of Transportation] is looking at that, and so we’ll have to wait until their analysis is done,” Granholm replied. “There are not easy solutions because there may or may not be the right rail cars, there may not or may not be the deep-water ports available for the Jones Act to be able to respond.”

“So this particular area of the country there, this is why we have doubled down on ensuring that there’s an ability to truck oil in, gas in,” she continued. “But it’s—the pipe is the best way to go. And so that’s why, hopefully, this company, Colonial, will, in fact, be able to restore operations by the end of the week as they have said.” {Emphasis added]

But later, when asked by a reporter if the White House is “rethinking their opposition to new pipeline projects since one really important one goes offline and gas stations start running dry?” Psaki admitted that canceling more pipelines wasn’t off the table.

“I wouldn’t say we look at it as in — through that prism. We look at it, we analyze both the impact, the economic impact as well as the environmental impact. And that will certainly remain the case, but we look at different — each pipeline project individually.”

Does that make any sense to you?

Author: Matt Margolis

Source: PJ Media: Biden’s Energy Secretary Makes Stunning Admission About Pipelines