Biden Ties Trump’s Lowest Approval Rating


Joe Biden is finally doing it. After months of falling in the polls due to the terrible withdrawal from Afghanistan, persistent COVID-19 restrictions, and record inflation, Joe Biden now has Donald Trump’s lowest approval rating. According to a new Selzer & Company poll, only 34% of Americans approve of Biden’s presidency job performance. Trump’s Real Clear Politics average (RCP), increased over his four-year tenure.

During the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s approval was negative. The administration was then faced with a host of foreign and domestic policy mistakes that were both self-inflicted. Trump’s approval rating is still low. RCP shows that Trump’s favorability is almost two points higher today than Biden’s, and more than seven times higher than Vice President Kamala Harris’. Some Americans seem to be reconsidering the relative importance and value of mean tweets in relation to global security and low gas prices.

Selzer asked 31% about the economy and 58% said that they expect it to get worse over the next 12 months. This is 31 points more pessimism than the voter sentiment prior to the 2020 election. Biden’s handling of the Russia/Ukraine conflict is also at -11. More than 70% of Americans support arming Ukraine and allowing refugees to come to the United States. Only 40% of Americans support the establishment of a no-fly zone and less than one-quarter support sending troops to Ukraine. Nearly 80% consider Russian President Vladimir Putin an enemy of America.

Another poll, released Thursday by Trafalgar/the Convention of States Action, shows that 56.1% of Americans believe Biden is in conflict of interest because of his family’s business interests in Ukraine. This includes 63.4%, independent voters. The majority of Americans recognize the obvious: the Biden family has a conflict of interest with respect to Ukraine. This was obvious before the election and is still true today. This is not an issue of partisanship. It’s an easy fact that Hunter Biden’s apparent corrupt dealings with Ukraine are the root of,” stated Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action.

The administration is also working to build a new coalition called parents. According to the Selzer poll, 64% feel that public schools are not teaching children the right way. A staggering 81% of respondents believe reading, writing, and math are the most important subjects. Nearly two-thirds also consider history, home economics, and valuable job skills as essential.

69% of those surveyed said that schools should instill independence and respect for others. Over two-thirds of respondents refused to accept college admissions based on race. Less than half also trusted schools to teach racism. Accuracy In Media videos may be responsible for this. Idaho bans critical race theory (also known as CRT) teaching. Cindy Dion is a district instructional support specialist in Nampa, Idaho. She explains how teachers can get around this ban.

Only 8% of respondents said that schools shouldn’t teach patriotism. While many feel schools are on the wrong path, over two-thirds say they trust teachers in public schools to make sure books are inappropriate in school libraries. Contrary to other polls that show most Americans support education funds following the child, Selzer’s poll found minority support when pollsters asked whether taxpayer money should be used for religious schools. A third of respondents strongly disagreed with the way the pollster asked the question.

The RCP Average approval for President Biden stood at 41.3% as of March 24, which is only 1.3% more than the average for Trump’s first year in office. Selzer poll respondents voted in favor of Biden at +3 while identifying themselves as Republicans in the current climate at +1. Ballotpedia reports that Selzer & Company founder J. Ann Selzer was called by NPR as the “most respected pollster” in Iowa. FiveThirtyEight gave Selzer & Company an A+ rating and described her as “the greatest pollster in politics.” These endorsements are not necessarily right-leaning.

With soaring gas prices and growing questions about food security and pharmaceutical security and America’s enemies being empowered, it is now just over a year since the election. The only question is how low Biden will be able to get his approval. Imagine a life spent on politics with one goal: to occupy the White House. Only to be outdone by Carter Jimmy. That could be Joe Biden’s lasting legacy.