Biden Says Putin is to Blame for Record Inflation, Does He Think We are Stupid Like the Lefts?


Because everything wrong in America is Vladimir Putin’s fault. Why not put your growing household expenses on him? Moody’s Analytics reports that the average American household spends $296 more per month. This is an increase of $250 from mid-February when the cost increase was $250. This is not surprising, as inflation has risen steadily since the inauguration of President Biden. It reached record levels of 10% in February and broke into the double digits.

The average household spending on the same products in 2020 and 2019 was 7% higher than it was in 2021. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School calculated that the increase was equivalent to $3,500 more per year. Wells Fargo’s January report shows that the middle class is being squeezed the most. The spread isn’t covered by a 5% wage increase for low-wage workers. The following is taken from the report

Income: The squeeze is felt by middle-income consumers, who see inflation as half a percentage point higher than those at both the highest and lowest income levels. Race/Ethnicity. Hispanics are the hardest hit by the increase in living expenses this year, while Latinos and Asians have experienced the least. Age: Surprise, surprise! Millennials are receiving a better deal than Boomers. Inflation for consumers aged 35-44 was more than one point higher than that for those 65+ in the past year.

The corporate media offers great suggestions for Americans who are struggling to manage household expenses. CNBC recommends reviewing your weekly budget and eliminating unnecessary items. According to Wells Fargo’s report, Americans with low and moderate incomes don’t have the discretionary funds or the ability to make lower-priced purchases every day. These suggestions are for the poor:

You can save energy by unplugging appliances and using power strips that have switches that enable you to turn off all products plugged in. According to the Department of Energy, this could help you save between 5% and 10% on your residential energy consumption. You can also save money by turning down the heat.

It is unclear whether you should stop buying the Tesla that the Biden administration wants you to purchase to avoid pump price increases. These people are not serious. While you may be wearing extra sweaters or jogging to keep warm, don’t forget to protect your credit card and reduce your 401K contributions. You might also consider purchasing bulk. As if low- and middle-income families didn’t know, Sam’s Club and Costco offer significant bang-for-your-buck.

Biden assured Americans that Americans’ thinner wallets were not in any way due to the massive spending of the American Rescue Plan or continuing resolutions passed in Congress. At a recent meeting, he alternately yelled with mumbling: “I’m sick and tired of this stuff!” Because the American people believe that inflation is caused by the government spending more money, we have to discuss it. It is simply not true.

He also cited Putin’s military buildup and invasion of Ukraine as the key factors in inflation. It’s amazing considering that Biden had blamed skyrocketing costs on corporate greed and supply chain problems in February. Putin began the military buildup at the Ukrainian border in November, with Biden’s first diplomatic call about the situation on December 7, 2021. To address inflation already at a 30 year high, Biden acknowledged in November the effects of the American Rescue Plan’s stimulus checks.

Ironically, people now have more money because of the first major piece I passed. All of you received checks totaling $1,400. Biden stated that checks were available for many things during a speech in Baltimore.

He said that $300 per month is for moms with children under 7 years old. If the kids are between 7 and 17, it’s $360 per month.

It changes lives. What happens if you don’t have anything to buy but have more money to purchase [goods]? Biden stated that it creates a problem.

At one point, the administration realized that inflation is caused by more dollars being chased after fewer goods. Recurrent lockdowns in China, sanctions on Russian agricultural products and fossil fuels, and their supply chain effects have yet to register. Experts predict that the Federal Reserve will stop quantitative easing and increase interest rates by .25%-.50%. These financial losses are increasing and they are cumulative. They predate any Russian military actions.

Although the West’s response to Ukraine has made matters worse, it is not responsible for the financial crisis facing most Americans. Biden’s administration has failed to make the right moves to address these converging realities. This is how you get Trump, regardless of whether the ruling class realizes it. Who better understands this than the West’s ruling class and their media allies? Vladimir Putin.

Putin seems to have a better understanding of the 2016 support for Trump than The New York Times. In an interview with Oliver Stone, Putin was asked about Russian collusion in the election. Putin denied the allegations. However, they have not been supported by any investigation. Putin provided a different explanation for Donald Trump’s election. He observed:

It is clear that the wealthiest people have enjoyed a significant increase in their earnings over the past few years. The middle class was not benefited by the decade. Trump’s campaign team understood this. Trump was able to take advantage of this opportunity because he understood it.

Democrats need to understand Trump voters’ motivations, even if they like to shout “RACIST!” This makes the refusal by the administration to take simple steps to alleviate the financial strain from inflation on the middle classes even more concerning. Putin and dictators know that a happy and prosperous middle class is a barrier to Biden’s promise to “fundamentally alter the structure and nature of the economy in this nation.”

Is it possible that the ruling elites of both parties and the ruling party globally hope the next three years will be enough to make the working- and middle-class Americans so dependent upon government assistance that they won’t resist fundamental changes like the Great Reset? The 2022 elections will have a greater impact on stopping the Biden agenda, and electing officials who care about the safety, security, and prosperity of working Americans and their families.