Biden May Give Amnesty And Reparations To 1,000 Illegals Deported By Trump

By John Hawkins Lee May 10, 2021 | Image Source: Bongino

The Biden Administration is working on a deal with their allies at the ACLU that would give amnesty and reparations to 1,000 illegal aliens that were deported during the Trump Administration. Ostensibly, the ACLU is on one side of what is called the “Ms. L case” and the Biden Administration is representing America, but in actuality, both sides are collaborating to undermine America’s laws.

The case is over illegal aliens entering the United States with their children. In other words, all of them broke the law. Instead of sending the children who broke the law back home to be with their parents who broke the law, the ACLU thinks the parents should be brought to the United States, given legal status, social services, and compensation because they ended up being separated from their children during their criminal activities.

“The ACLU is in settlement negotiations with the Biden administration to provide full relief to the thousands of separated families, not just reunification in the U.S. but permanent status, compensation, and social services,” says the ACLU.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says a task force is working on the issue:

“The Task Force is actively working to develop a system for processing and reunifying over a thousand families and to set up a system to provide mental health support and stability to thousands more families who are here in the United States and still trying to heal from the trauma caused by their separation. This is only the beginning, and the government cannot do this work alone. We are committed to working with the private sector and with the NGOs, attorneys, and advocates who have done tremendous work in support of these families.

The punishment for being in America illegally is being deported. The problem was not that the parents were deported, it’s that the kids weren’t allowed to be deported with them. Incidentally, this is what happens when people engage in criminal activity. They get separated from their children. If mom and dad rob a bank, the kids don’t go with them to jail. That’s why this whole issue is nothing but a scam. It’s not an attempt to fix a real problem. It just another backdoor way for the Biden administration to push amnesty.

Author: John Hawkins

Source: Bongino: Biden May Give Amnesty and Reparations to 1,000 Illegals Deported by Trump