Biden Gets Caught in A Lie Destroying White House Narrative


Here’s an example of how the White House lies to Americans. Biden Collective allowed their basement gimp to hold a press conference on Monday. CBS News correspondent Ed O’Keefe questioned the figurehead whether he had seen any of the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings. Biden replied, “I didn’t get a chance to see any of that, unfortunately.”

It makes sense. Biden has been trying to launch World War III with multiple gaffes about mass destruction. It is understandable that he hasn’t been able to watch the Senate’s current political theatre.

His handlers forgot to tell him about the activities he supposedly had been involved in. And just like that, the narrative that Biden really cared about his nominee’s success disappeared in a flash of smoke along with any credence that he was running the White House.

You see, last week, Chris Meagher, Deputy Press Secretary, made a long statement about how closely Biden was following the proceedings. Meagher even went so far as adding details about Biden’s reactions to the incident to his claim. Although I couldn’t find the original video of Meagher lying on the Reuters website, the White House provided a transcript. These are the copied versions of Meagher’s remarks. I took the liberty to highlight the most outrageous fabrications. This is how it looks:

Meagher: President Meagher watched Judge Jackson’s hearings yesterday and today. She is proud of her exceptional qualifications, her experience, and her even-handedness. It is evident that she has a strong commitment to the facts, the law, and the Constitution of the United States as an independent judge.

He was also touched by her grace and dignity, her deference to senators, and her level of detail, which reinforced her intellect and character.

When Senator Leahy raised the support she received from the law enforcement community and Judge Jackson responded, saying that she knew what it was like to have family members who served in police departments. She also spoke out about the fear of not knowing if they would return home because of the crime in the area. These are not political slogans or abstract concepts to me.

Former Chairman of the Judiciary Committee President Biden appreciated Judge Jackson’s respect for the intent and text of the law. He was grateful for Judge Jackson’s determination to follow the Constitution’s path of judges and for her emphasis on the important precedent.

He was also impressed by the speed with which she quickly dismantled conspiracies that were put forward in bad faith. These conspiracy theories have been disproved by experts and numerous fact checks.

There were many more, but this is a good illustration of how Biden’s collective mouthpieces can invent entire scenarios out there and lie to us in order to push their agenda.

Fox News attempted to reconcile the two accounts by following up with the White House but was unsuccessful.

Fox News was told by a White House official that Biden watched clips and did not see the entire hearing. But, when Biden was asked if he misspoke, the White House responded, “No.”

Below is a short video summarizing the travesty.