Biden Fiddles With Card Full Of Anti-Trump Talking Points In England

By Kyle Morris June 17, 2021 | Image Source: Breitbart

President Joe Biden fiddled with a notecard covered with anti-Trump talking points during a press conference in England on Sunday.

The card was accompanied by several others as One America News filmed Biden during the press conference in Cornwall. It was labeled “DOJ Talking Points” and featured an array of subjects, most all of which had to do with former President Donald Trump’s time in office.

“Trump abused power/Trump DOJ [Department of Justice] out of control,” said the top marker, with another stating “Now we have to clean it up.”

Another point Biden wanted to make to those listening, according to the card, was that his “values and principles” would be reflected in the Department of Justice instead of Trump’s, claiming he had already “made it clear.”

“I’ve made it clear this DOJ will reflect my values and principles and priorities — not Donald Trump’s,” the card stated.

While Biden held onto the stack of cards throughout much of the speech, he did not specifically give remarks on the DOJ under President Trump’s leadership.

During the press conference, Biden claimed, “America is back at the table” as he announced U.S. taxpayer-funded efforts to send vaccines to “nations who are poor and having trouble finding vaccines.”

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Author: Kyle Morris

Source: Breitbart: Joe Biden Fiddles with Notecard Covered with Anti-Trump Talking Points in England