Biden Acknowledges Screwing Up, Will Bring Back Trump Immigration Policy

By Brodigan March 24, 2021 | Image Source: louder with Crowder

Joe Biden is an illegal immigration stan. The newly crowned “Migrant President” hearts illegal immigration so much, one of his first orders of business was to undo everything President Trump did to cut back on illegal immigration. If Trump did it, Biden was going to do the exact opposite. Now we have a crisis at the border. Joe Biden-supporting migrants are not only pouring across the border, they’re straight-up admitting they’re doing so because Donald Trump isn’t president any more. Biden was challenged on this by the press, and he declared he’d … bring back Trump’s policies?

How the deuce did we all miss this yesterday?

[We’re going to reestablish] what existed before, which was they can stay in place and make their case from their own country.

The policy in question is the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Trump’s rule “kept [migrants] in Mexico while they waited out their asylum cases.” Biden changing the policy is believed to have caused the surge at the border. Migrants are coming to be processed in America and wait here for a decision to be made. Many wind up in the now overflowing detention centers. Some are sent on their merry way with a date for the hearing. Whether or not they come back for the hearing is a different question. Biden admitting defeat in this matter is stunning. Even worse for a Democrat, he had to admit Donald Trump was right.

He rushed off before a reporter could follow up. The communications team probably has “what Biden meant to say was …” saved as a template. Even if he only acknowledged he f*cked up accidentally, it’s pretty huge.

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Author: Brodigan