Ben Domenech On Spikes In Violent Crime: ‘People Should Be Outraged

By Tristan Justice July 16, 2020 | Image Source: The Federalist

Federalist co-founder and publisher Ben Domenech said Tuesday that those up in arms about police brutality ought to be similarly outraged by recent spikes in violent crime sweeping the nation’s cities.

“I think we have to recognize that in the view of our politicians, our leaders in the media, these lives are not equally valuable,” Domenech said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” following the death of a 1-year-old boy named Davell Gardner Jr. who was shot to death in New York City on Sunday. “The life of this young child, who will never see his second birthday, is less valuable from their perspective than the life of some kid who gets killed in Park Slope. That’s just the way that they treat these stories, because what happened in this case is somehow deemed normal or expected or acceptable.”

While Black Lives Matter continues to protest in major cities across the country, demanding the dismantling of law enforcement, violent crime has skyrocketed while demoralized police forces become increasingly paralyzed through budget cuts and undue scrutiny. In Detroit, protests erupted last week with demonstrators calling for “justice” in the form of action taken against police who shot and killed a black man that began firing at them first at point-blank.

In New York City, the crime surge continued, with 28 shootings over the weekend, leaving 35 people shot and Gardner dead.

“This is unacceptable,” Domenech said, emphasizing the fact that the defunding of New York City’s police department, which is the envy of the world, hurts poor people the most. “It’s just unacceptable. It’s heinous, and people should be outraged about it.”

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Author: Tristan Justice

Source: The Federalist: Ben Domenech On Spikes In Violent Crime: ‘People Should Be Outraged’