Belarus Joining Russia’s Assault on Ukraine


Although not many countries want to be like Mussolini’s Italy in World War II, Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian dictator, has set it as his goal to be the moral equivalent of Il Duce. He was elected to power in 1994 through a one-man-one-vote election. Putin had in mind this for Ukraine when he made Viktor Yanukovych his stooge.

While peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are still ongoing in Belarus, Lukashenko appears to be poised to unleash what Belarus calls an army upon its neighbor.

According to a senior U.S. intelligence official, Belarus will send troops into Ukraine Monday to support Russian forces that invaded Ukraine last Wednesday.

Although Belarus has been supporting Russia’s war effort for a while, it has not yet been directly involved in the conflict.

The American official said that he had direct knowledge of intelligence assessments made by the U.S. He believes that the Belarusian leader will decide whether or not to join the war. The official spoke anonymously to discuss sensitive information.

It could be interpreted as a number of things.

Putin is pulling his stooge into this fight for a darker motive, according to me.

Rumors abound that Putin wants to meld Ukraine and Belarus. This is already happening.

France was losing its defense against German Blitzkrieg on June 10, 1940, when Benito Mussolini declared war on France with the phrase “On June tenth, nineteen hundred and forty, the hand holding a dagger has struck its neighbor in the back.” ”

I hope Lukaschenko will take the time to reflect on Russia’s actions now that sanctions have been imposed. I also hope he remembers where Mussolini left off.