Belarus is Planning to Join Russia in The War


Both NATO’s intelligence agencies and the U.S. have suggested that the Belarusian military could soon join Russia’s war on Ukraine. This would send a signal to NATO that Putin is prepared to go to great lengths in order to achieve his goals.

According to CNN: A source from the Belarusian opposition, Belarusian combat units along with thousands of troops and soldiers are ready to enter Ukraine within the next few days. Because of the potential consequences of another country joining the war,

A senior NATO intelligence officer stated that the alliance believes the Belarusian government “prepares the environment for an offensive against Ukraine”.

Russia attacked Ukraine on Belarusian soil. Since then, President Alexander Lukashenko from Belarus has provided political cover for Putin. Nevertheless, Lukashenko is not in control of whether his country declares war.

Sources stated that there is no evidence that Belarus is involved in the fight against Ukraine. Senior US defense officials stated that they have not received any information that suggests that Belarusians plan to enter Ukraine, or have made any agreements.

According to the NATO military official, a decision about Belarus’ participation must be taken in Moscow. There is no evidence to suggest that Belarusian forces participated in the fighting in Ukraine.

Lukashenko must deal with a low-intensity rebellion. It is believed that dissident Belarusian troops are fighting against Russia in Ukraine. Some Belarusian citizens and military members protested Russia’s invasion.

According to Forbes: While the extent of the damage is unknown, Russia could have deployed military equipment and supplies quickly to Ukraine if it had functional railway networks. These acts of sabotage may worsen Russia‚Äôs logistical problems. Russia currently uses Belarus as a base to launch its offensive in northern Ukraine. This includes the attack on Kyiv, it’s capital.

Putin could order Belarus to join the war. This could lead to Putin being left with two unstable nations at Russia’s borders.