Bawling Cops Not Going Over Well With Public: Poll Shows Drop In Support For Jan 6 Commission

By Monica Showalter August 01, 2021 | Image Source: American Thinker

For the few that watched the Jan. 6 commission’s bawling-cops spectacle, where four Capitol Police officers testified through tears about fearing for their lives in the wake of an out-of-control crowd breaching the Capitol, there was ample reason for skepticism.

Four police officers delivered emotional testimony Tuesday about the physical and verbal abuse they endured defending the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 from a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump, as a House select committee held its first hearing on the insurrection.

Afterward, Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.), the panel’s chairman, said that the hearing set “the right tone for the work of this committee” and that the panel would probably hold its next hearing before the end of Congress’s August recess. He said the committee would start issuing subpoenas for additional witnesses “soon.”

They blubbered about “democracy” and one of them, Officer Harry Dunn, even claimed that Trump-supporters surrounded him and shouted the “N-word” at him, something he didn’t show video on, even though he presumably has access to thousands of hours of video that the defendants don’t have. Turns out he’s a Black Lives Matter activist, has taken selfies with House speaker Nancy Pelosi, and has defended BLM’s violence in the past.

Well, surprise, surprise: it turns out that the sob-show politics isn’t going over well with the public. A new poll shows a drop in public support for the entire Jan. 6 commission, which happened just after all the tears and flapdoodle.

According to the New York Post:

An emotional hearing this week in which police officers attacked in the Capitol riot testified before a House select committee investigating the events of Jan. 6 turned more Americans against the need for the probe, according to a Morning Consult poll.

Among voters of all parties, 53 percent supported the investigation, down from 66 percent in the survey in June and 58 percent just a week ago. Four out of five Democrats were in favor, while only a quarter of Republicans were, along with half of independents.

Only 49 percent of those polled said they had watched all or even part of the committee hearing that dominated the news cycle on Tuesday.

What’s more, decreasing numbers of the public now believe that President Trump is responsible for the Capitol riot, which is kind of the entire point of the commission.

And as if things couldn’t get worse, one of the commission’s stalwarts, the ever bitter Trump-hating Liz Cheney, is in more political trouble with voters than ever. The news is all bad for her; 77% of Republicans would never vote for her, with most of those saying it didn’t matter who her opponent was. Couldn’t happen to a nicer #NeverTrump.

The whole thing is pretty much showing that the effort is backfiring, and badly, on Democrats, who are holding this de facto third impeachment of Trump to pin the blame on him for the riot and, presumably, find some way to keep him from running from office in 2024.

The voters aren’t buying it, and the more they turn to sob-story theatre, the less the voters are willing to believe them, let alone take interest to watch.

Any politician with a lick of common sense would shut this hearing down now, if for nothing else, then just to save his own political skin. But they keep going, coming up with ever more fantastical spectacles and wild claims for the hearings, even as the public tunes out and the Trump point of view gets embraced by more voters. The more they talk, the more Trump reaps benefits.

Yet, somehow, they can’t stop themselves.

They’ve now become the political equivalent of obsessive weirdos in some basement building an illicit bomb, hurling the kerosene all around, and now see that their pants have caught fire. They can’t stop themselves, they can’t stop the consequences, and in the end, they are going to have to come out running for help.

This is pathetic, and one can only hope that this commission amounts to the Götterdämmerung of the #NeverTrump movement.

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Image: Screen shot from NBC News video via shareable YouTube.

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Author: Monica Showalter

Source: American Thinker: Bawling cops not going over well with public: Poll shows drop in support for Jan. 6 commission