Anti-America: The Week In Review

By Kevin McCullough July 19, 2021 | Image Source: Town Hall

While taking the family to the beach this weekend, it was glorious to see so many American flags flying from front porches. Even a full two weeks after the 4th of July Americans down the Jersey Shore seem proud of their nation.

Those Americans did anyway…

When I cued up my news feed only hours later I was so inundated by the number of stories documenting so many anti-American ideas it was nearly impossible to keep count.

I tried to. I started jotting down a list, but it became so lengthy I had to distill it to the most flagrant ones I could.

What follows are my top six. I’d love to know which is the most egregious to you and if you can spare a short paragraph tell me why. (Email me here to respond:

What you realize quickly while evaluating however is that nearly all of the most anti-American activity is initiated by one side of the philosophical aisle, and that side—it would appear—seems wholly dedicated to being anti-American. Literally it means they wish to be against America. The country that shelters their ungrateful backsides night in and night out.

Again these are my top six from the last week, but feel free to vote and convince me I’m wrong. (

6. Biden Policy drove 1.7 million illegals to US since January. To me it seems odd for one to swear an oath to protect and defend the lives of those living here and with a straight face attempt to pretend that erasing our borders is somehow in keeping with a good thing. Campaigning on the pledge to do nothing to prevent people from coming here is dangerous for the immigrants—think human trafficking, sex predators, and worse. But it is proven equally deadly in “no go zones” on the border, gangs in the inner cities, and immigrant communities within the US. All of it avoidable.

5. AOC & BLM stand with the dictators in Cuba. One exception we’ve always held for immigrants attempting to get here are those who are fleeing oppressive regimes, especially if they are committing to invest their lives into building America. No community has embodied this any more so than Cuban-Americans. And while the Biden administration was busy saying that Cuban refugees would be disallowed into the country this week (all while ignoring the 100’s of 1000’s of Mexicans, Guatemalan’s etc. coming over our southern border), some Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Black Lives Matter actually put out statements of support for the communist regime killing Cubans in the first place.

4. Secretary of State Blinken invites the UN to investigate the USA. Honest question here. How does one swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and ask an unelected body of mostly dictatorial and tyrannical thugs to not only investigate our people, but to do so under the pretense that even one nation state among them even portends a better record on human rights? The problem amongst the left is that they are so conditioned/brainwashed/hardened to the idea of America as evil that they literally seek out our enemies to “prove it so.”

3. President Biden wants brown shirts door to door. Fewer things should strike greater concern into the hearts of Americans than the government coming to our doors to violate federal laws and to pry into our privacy, history, and intent. Regardless of their stated concerns states need to fight back—like the Governor of South Carolina has pledged. This issue should also be litigated—not for financial remuneration—but for clearly definitive demarcation of what a government who is charged with serving the voters is not permitted to do.

2. Texas Democrats attempt to destroy democracy. To be clear America isn’t a democracy. But Democrats love to claim it is. And it is riotously funny but infuriatingly sad when they try to “save democracy” by breaking their own democratic laws/principles, embarrass themselves with cliched “song” on national TV that more audibly resembles a donkey being run over by a cement mixing truck, and they catch CoVid19 while partying. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of anti-American thugs.

1. Press Secretary Psaki calls for silencing Americans. Proving simultaneously that the left believes they are in control of Big Tech and that it never even crossed the Press Secretary’s brain that “banning” or “silencing” free speech (you know… the way they do say in… the First Amendment) might be something considered deeply anti-American.

Again, these are only six of more than dozens I tried to jot down as they were going down.

The larger point being of course, the left is proud to be against America—on every front, in every philosophy, creating every policy and in their desire to literally wish to control every American.

The question is, what will Americans say in return.

Author: Kevin McCullough

Source: Town Hall: Anti-America: The Week In Review