1.5 Million Sign Petition To Shut Down Pornhub For Child Pornography

By Allison Schuster July 28, 2020 | Image Source: The Federalist

This Thursday, July 30 is the World Day Against Trafficking In Persons, created to raise awareness and empower those victimized by the horrifying human rights violation of human trafficking. The day comes nearly a month after the strong start of a campaign to take down the largest pornography website, Pornhub, by anti-trafficking groups.

Pornhub, which a Sunday Times investigation found had sexually exploited a toddler for its website, has recently been under scrutiny for illegal content that manipulates children and profits from their sexual abuse.

Exodus Cry, an anti-trafficking nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against sexual exploitation and the sex industry, released a video late last month that evoked a strong response from viewers who reacted with disgust. According to the video, Pornhub requires no verification to determine the age or consent of those featured in the more than 6 million videos uploaded to the site per year. As the biggest online control center for pornography, Pornhub maintains few measures to prevent horrifying illegal activity.

The news-style video exposed Pornhub, the world’s largest, most popular pornography website, for its financial exploitation of children who have been raped. The video cited at least 118 cases of child sexual abuse, each of which was confirmed by the Internet Watch Foundation.

It highlighted the case of a 15-year-old Florida girl who, after having gone missing for a year, was found after 58 videos of her sexual torment were discovered being used for profit on the website.

Other reprehensible examples include 14-year-old Rose Kalemba, who was taken at knifepoint before a disturbingly graphic video of her 12-hour rape was uploaded. What’s worse is that, despite Kalemba’s desperate attempts to have it removed, the video remained on Pornhub for months.

Exodus Cry created a petition using the hashtag “#Traffickinghub,” demanding Pornhub be shut down and its executives be held accountable for their support of the sexual exploitation industry. The petition has already gained more than 1.5 million signatures from people in 192 countries.

Adults who sell sex for a living have joined the movement against Pornhub by releasing a manifesto and an independent petition rejecting the company’s immoral practices. This level of support, according to the petition’s campaign founder Laila Michelwait, shows the world is finally noticing the abuses the pornography industry has perpetuated for so long.

“The world is waking up to the fact that Pornhub is infested with videos of the real rape and sex trafficking of underage victims as well as vulnerable women,” she said.

The movement has the support of more than 300 child protection and anti-trafficking organizations. One group, Timothy Plan, put their financial support behind the cause after one of their employees heard of the petition and felt the #Traffickinghub movement aligned with their company.

Timothy Plan is a family of mutual funds that screens companies to ensure none of their money is invested in those that explicitly defy biblical principles, most particularly pro-life issues. The company’s founder Art Ally told The Federalist they started a campaign to raise financial contributions in addition to signing the petition. Timothy Plan asked employees to give, promising to double-match their donation.

“Human trafficking is a scourge on humanity and on America… You know when these young kids just disappear off the streets, we ought to be real suspicious of where they’re disappearing to and what a horrible thing we’re doing,” Ally told The Federalist. “So Pornhub that just plays into the appetite for these people, which gives rise to what’s going on worldwide and human trafficking. It is abhorrent.”

Ally said sex trafficking is undoubtedly fueled by pornography, which is a “horrible stain” on America. He always says to “follow the money,” crediting the pornography industry for profiting from human trafficking.

“If there wasn’t money in human trafficking, it would stop,” he said. “They’re fueling the demand for human trafficking young people. It’s just horrendous. And it’s time people stand up and give it a lot more attention.”

Human trafficking, which Exodus Cry estimates victimizes 21 million people per year, has steadily gained attention throughout this year. Their website calls the practice “highly-organized and lucrative business,” generating $150 billion every year.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) spoke earlier this year at a press conference for Global Strategic Operatives, an organization committed to eliminating human trafficking. Smith recognized the institution of sex trafficking as despicable before discussing the immediate need for more legislation to end it.

“Human trafficking is a barbaric human rights abuse that thrives on greed, secrecy, a perverted sense of entitlement to exploit the vulnerable, and an unimaginable disregard for the victims,” Smith said.

Allison Schuster is an intern at The Federalist and is also a rising senior at Hillsdale College working toward a degree in politics and journalism. Follow her on Twitter @AllisonShoeStor.

Author: Allison Schuster

Source: The Federalist: 1.5 Million Sign Petition To Shut Down Pornhub For Child Pornography, Sexual Abuse